Advertising never sways me, unless it’s for Resse’s peanut butter cups, but THIS commercial is gold. I even looked up a possible reunion trip for my dad’s 60th birthday… Shhh it’s a secret:)


Paul Meany of MuteMath

Houston, Texas; January 26, 2012; House of Blues

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When complete and total civilians talk about the military like they know EVERYTHING.


It’s not a movie and it is not a video game. 
You know nothing.
I’m just vexed…

It’s like you’re in my head Amanda…

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Hahaha with her phone in hand, of course haha

MY BFF’s!!!!!! #heroes

I told you guys, it’s a problem. But that bottom one, I was definitely doing a fist pump/ hip thrust. I was excited about something. I think I did it a couple times. God last night was good.

My sister at the Women’s Soccer Olympic Trials in Canada!

Unpopular opinion.


I hate Jersey Shore. If I really wanted to sit around and watch a bunch of oompa loopas get drunk and have sex with each other, I’d look no further than my school.


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